HTC Sensation XL

HTC Sensation XL is an advanced version of HTC Sensation. The most noticeable feature of this phone is its 4.7 inch wide screen, which is among the biggest screens that you will see in the market. It runs of the 1.5 GHz single core processor and is supported by 768 MB RAM. There are two cameras in the phone. Even though it is priced on the higher end, HTC Sensation XL has got everything that makes it among the best smartphone ever introduced. This phone is also slightly bigger than XE and on many fronts superior than iPhone. It makes used of SLCD screen that supports 480×800 pixel resolution. You will be impressed by the wide viewing angles of the phone and its bright and vibrant screen.

As far as the appearance of this phone is concerned, it consists of clear white panel on the front and light grayish back panels. It fits perfectly into the hands of the user. Since it weighs just 162 grams, you can easily carry it with you everywhere. HTC Sensation XL uses the UI 3.5 interface, which is quiet amazing. Also, a fast Android version 2.3.5 processor allows the user to run multiple apps on the phone smoothly. In terms of quality of sound, Sensation XL has got an awesome in-built audio technology. Along with this phone you will get stylish headphone.

The only drawback in this phone is its non expandable memory. The in- built storage of this phone is just 13 GB which cannot be expanded. Thus, if you are having a wide range of music or apps taste then you will be forced to pick the best. The camera of this phone is quiet similar to HTC Titan. The zappy 8MP camera is highly responsive and provides you with high quality pictures. The f/2.2 lens does an excellent job of managing the light and the macro performance is very impressive.

The stock keyboard of this phone takes up the entire screen of the phone and its square shaped buttons providing a viable option for a user who find touch screen keyboards too difficult to use. You will find plenty of pre installed features in it including Swype, SwiftKey, and predicative function etc.

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