Sony Xperia U

Sony offers a wide range of smartphones based on Android OS and their prices also vary a lot. Sony Xperia U is positioned on the cheaper end of this range and looks pretty much similar to Sony Xperia S. If you compare it with Xperia S, Xperia Miro or Xperia P, you will see that this phone is smallest in size amongst these phones. The most prevalent feature of this great phone is the odd transparent plastic strip that adds appeal to its great design.

This small and solid phone fits in the hands of the users really well. Its small size enables you to use it with a single hand also. The screen size is 3.5 inches and provides you with vivid display. Above the phone screen you will see a front facing VGA camera which can be used for video chats and calls. It can also produce low resolution images at a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels. The proximity sensor is located next to the camera. It has got rounder edges and the sides is black. It has got an option to connect the USB connector as well as 3.5 mm headphone jack.

The strip lights up adds to an exciting deisgn of the phone. It has got a unique feature, the phone detects the photos that you are viewng in the gallery and then alters the color of the strip as per the most prominent color. Also, if you want to replace the colored strip, you can easily do it be unclipping the strip and replacing it with a different colored one.

Sony Xperia U has got a slot for full sized SIM card, and unlike majority of the other phones you cannot use the SD card in this smartphone. The internal memory is 4GB, which is disappointing thing. However, the fact that battery of this phone is replaceable will surely earn this phone some brownie points.

All in all, Sony Xperia U is a durable, solid and tough phone and its buttons as well as display are sensitive. Even the screen is much clear and bright and can give a tough competition to various other big screens. This phone is an ideal alternative to various high end smartphones. Even though it lacks on some fronts, the overall package seems pretty much good and it is surely going to create an impression in the smartphone market.

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